How to Start a Business in Massachusetts

Starting a Business in Massachusetts

Starting a business is exciting – trying to figure out what corporate form is best for your new business – not so much. starting a new business in Massachusetts

Types of Formations – LLC / Corporation / Sole Proprietorship

Every business is different, and every business owner has unique business strengths, liabilities and approaches. Conlon Law prides itself on spending the time needed to get a crystal-clear picture of our clients’ fundamental needs. This is the only way we know how to competently advise our clients on the best corporate formation for them. A small business deciding whether to form as a limited liability company, partnership, corporation, sole proprietorship or something else should equip itself with the information necessary to make these decisions. Is continuity of the business important? What about ease of transferring interest in the entity? Centralized management? Protecting the owners against personal liability? Tax consequences?

Legal Guidance

There are advantages and disadvantages to each formation and understanding the differences at the outset is crucial. Let Conlon Law provide you with the guidance to help you form or re-organize your small business the right way so that it can grow and thrive.